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All He Needs by C.C. Gibbs

All He Needs

Kate Hart and Dominic Knight's volatile love affair continues in the next book from C.C. Gibbs.

ARC Was Given To Blog For An Honest Review

You may remember that I screamed from the rooftops about book one of this series. Guess what? I AM SCREAMING AGAIN!!!!!!!  Book two of this series is just as good as the first. Sometimes a second book is filler and you begin to feel like you were short changed, this is not the case here.

All He Needs begins about a month later where book one left off. Dominic and Kate are trying to move on with their lives and are not having that much success, each left for their own reasons. Dominic is miserable and Kate is now working non- stop to keep her mind off of Dominic. Dominic is still pulling strings where Kate is concerned but she has no clue. Kate is now in danger and Dominic plans to keep her safe. Keeping her safe means he gets to keep her.

Once again the author has drawn you in and makes your stomach do somersaults with all the emotions you will be feeling. The sex scenes are even hotter and there is so much of it. I seriously was in need of cooling off. If you ever need to envision a super hot fantasy this series has them all. Dominic can punish me anytime, anywhere and anyhow he wants. I want orgasms like Kate gets to have.

Both characters had me fuming at some of the choices they were making. Although I understood why I was still mad. Kate finally admits to loving Dominic but he is not so quick to say those three words that every woman wants to hear. Dominic’s internal struggle makes me laugh and hearing his thoughts are just so funny; this man does not have a clue. It is sad but funny at the same time.

Some questions of the past are answered and you will finally understand why Dominic is the way he is. I loved watching Dominic finally coming to accept his feeling for Kate.  The two of them still bicker all throughout and that is some of my favorite parts of the book.  Some very happy surprises are in book two, and I was so excited. The ending does not leave you with a cliffhanger but there is more to come. I will be waiting not so patiently for book 3 to arrive.

Fans of CC Gibbs will be so happy with the continuation of this story and since I am now so madly in love with Dominic I am happy too. I hope you love it as much as I did.

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