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Caught Looking by Meghan Quinn

Caught Looking

Things are starting to heat up in Atlanta, or at least in Jane’s celibate life of two years. On the two year anniversary of her nasty split between her and her ex, Jane’s friends, Molly – class “A” filthy mouth – and Albert – flamboyant dresser extraordinaire – decide it’s high time Jane drops the conservative persona, let loose and start to have some fun once again. Brady Matthews, Atlanta Braves first baseman and well known through the media as Atlanta’s gigolo, thought he was just taking his new teammate, Michael Banks, out on the town. Little did he know Michael’s friend from college, Jane, was going to show up at their table and turn his world upside down. When Brady meets Jane, he is instantly attracted to Jane’s innocence and inner sex kitten but the last thing she wants is to be thrown into another relationship with such a publicly known man-whore especially after her heart was broken so devastatingly. Brady makes it his mission to win Jane over and make her see him as the man he actually is, not the way the media perceives him. But it is not that simple. Wedding plans, spring training, ex’s, old college friends, the paparazzi and gossip magazines seem to keep getting in the way of Brady’s goal to earn Jane’s heart. Caught Looking goes through the love lives of Jane, Brady and their group of friends fighting the hardships of cheating, trusting, losing love and trying to find it once again. In one of America’s hottest cities, the gang heats up the sheets while their lives entangle together causing heartache, suffering through loss and finding love….hopefully.

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ARC Was Given To Blog For An Honest Review

This book was a refreshing surprise. I really really loved it. Very different than most books that tend to focus on a particular couple. This story is an ensemble cast of characters each with their own stories going on, but all of stories entwine within each other. There are also characters that are introduced and you can tell they will play out in the next part of the series. What a fantastic concept for a book, think soap opera, without the dramatic stares before commercials.

There is a lot going on in this book, but I will just give a brief overview of a few of the characters to peak your interest. Molly has to be my favorite; she is a walking talking commercial for people that give TMI, and she totally reminds me of my very good friend Kristen Karwan. Nothing is off limits from her mouth. She is in love with Luke, a hot sexy special ops guy and they really enjoy having crazy sex and lots of it.  Jane, the lead in this story, was once very outgoing and outspoken like Molly, but after heartbreak she is not the same girl. She is still trying to find herself again. Albert is the gay best friend every girl should have. I LOVE HIM! NOW for the grand finale, let’s throw in a bunch of hot professional baseball players and ding ding, we have a sure fire winner.

Brady is amazing, he is not your player (just baseball player) when it comes to women, but his celeb status has the tabloids making him look like something he is not. Jane has reservations about him, but he is a persistent man and plans on hitting home runs for the rest of his life with her.

Now with all of these stories going on at the same time, the author did an amazing job. Not once did I feel confused, I loved all the different POVs and dialogue. I connected to each and every character. Meghan has a great knack for witty banter and really made this book fun to read. I will warn you that the story does have a cliff and an ending that ripped my heart out and shred it to pieces. Lucky for us book two is already out and I will be reading it soon.


Jane was surprisingly happy now that she wore the dress Molly picked, she was nervous at first because once again it seemed like too much but after Brady’s reaction, she felt great about her choice, well Molly’s choice. Brady nearly drooled when she opened the door. It felt good to know that Brady Matthews thought she was attractive. It gave her confidence for the rest of the night especially since he looked so damn sexy as well. Why was it that a guy could wear a simple khaki pant and button up shirt with the sleeves folded to their elbows and still look amazing? It wasn’t fair. Oh and did he smell good, if she didn’t have one ounce of self-respect she would have started humping him in her doorway. God, she had been hanging out with Molly too much, Jane’s mind started to meld with Molly’s.

Brady opened the door to his BMW and smiled. Of course he had a BMW and she hated herself for thinking how “cool” he was for having such a stylish car. She felt like a teenager in high school all over again.

They arrived at the restaurant and spotted Luke and Molly instantly, they were the awkward couple groping each other inappropriately and making out in front of the hostess. Sometimes they could be so embarrassing.

Jane glanced up at Brady, smiled sheepishly and said, “Sorry, once they are re-united, there is no separating them, even in public.”

Brady smiled back and said, “I think it’s endearing, I only hope to find love like that one day.” And she would be damned if he did not stare directly into her eyes when he said that. A shiver passed through her. She shook off the feeling, went up to Molly and tapped her on the shoulder.

“Hey, can you stop sucking each other’s faces off for a couple of hours while we are in public?” Jane asked

Molly smiled, wrapped her hand in Luke’s and apologized. “Sorry girl. Hey you look amazing, what do you think Brady?”

Jane almost punched her friend in the boob, was she trying to turn Jane’s face as red as her shoes?

“I think I might be in trouble tonight with all the men who are going to be pawing after her.”

“Don’t worry,” Luke said. “I deal with that every day with this vixen. I will teach you the death stare. Every man you give it to backs off right away.”

Molly leaned up and kissed Luke hard on the mouth while he squeezed her ass.

“Alright you two, let’s go sit down.” Jane said.

The hostess surprisingly gave them nice seats looking over the cityscape of Atlanta. Jane was convinced they were going to be stuck by the bathroom thanks to the Horny Henderson’s. It must have been Brady’s presence that gave them the good luck in seating. Brady pulled out Jane’s seat for her and gently pushed it in when she sat down. She was grateful to sit across from Molly since she was always nervous at first to eat in front of men. Being so close to Brady sent her senses into overload, thanks to the amazing cologne he was wearing. She needed to be on her A-game and that meant no alcohol.

“How about some wine to start us off?” Molly blurted.

Well there went that idea. There was no way Molly was not going to let Jane drink. Well, Jane just had to keep it classy and watch her consumption, simple.

They ordered their food in record time. Brady asked what she was having and ordered for her when the waitress came over.  It was a very smooth move of him, maybe too smooth. It was a move that George would have made because he controlled every aspect of Jane’s life. Jane tried to remind herself that Brady was just trying to be a gentleman and not take over her life.

While they were waiting Brady asked Luke, “So you’re in the army?”

Luke replied, “Yes sir, I’m actually in Special Forces and that’s pretty much all you can know. Not even Molly knows much about my job.”

“Except that it takes you away from me and I’m lucky if I get to hear from you once every couple of months,” Molly said sadly.

Luke took her hand and kissed the back of it. “You know I hate it too, Babe. But it’s my job. I won’t be in it forever and don’t forget when I’m 45 we will retire and live off of Uncle Sam.” Luke said with a wink.

Molly looked at Luke with pure lust and was about to attack him when Jane interjected, “Molly don’t even think about it.”

Molly turned to her friend looking all innocent and said, “What? I was just thinking about how I have to go to the bathroom and how Luke said he needed to go once we got here but he never got the chance because we had to wait for you two.” She turned to Luke and said, “Come on Big Boy, let’s go to the bathroom.”

Luke got up wiggling his eyebrows at Brady and Jane as he ran off with his soon to be wife. Jane just shook her head and swore under her breath, so much for Molly being her cushion.

Jane was just about to say something to Brady to cut the tension but instead chickened out and went for a sip of wine. In the middle of her drink, Brady nearly knocked her over with his words when he turned and said, “Jane why do you hate me?”

Jane choked on her glass of wine for a second and looked up at him. His gaze was innocent and sweet. Man he genuinely thought she hated him. Oh God, now she felt like a complete asshole. She knew she was not giving him many good vibes because she was too scared to get involved with someone who was just going to blow her off in the end but to make someone think she hated them? That was just awful.

Jane apologetically said, “I don’t hate you Brady, you are actually a very wonderful guy.”

“Then why is it like pulling teeth to get you to talk to me or even acknowledge me? I feel like I have shown you that I’m very much interested in you. Am I coming on too strong?”

When has a guy ever been this truly honest with her? What was Brady’s deal? No guy she had ever met had ever been so forthcoming with her. It made her feel incredibly uneasy. Any relationship she had ever been in was usually based around mind games. A very un-healthy way to conduct a relationship with another person, she knew that now but then again it felt like that was how a relationship was supposed to be at times.

Jane placed her hand on Brady’s arm, he flinched under her touch and she said, “You are not coming on too strong, Brady. I’ve been hurt very badly in the past and I just am always watching out for myself. I know you are a great guy but it’s hard for me to believe that an extremely sexy and famous guy like yourself wants anything to do with me.”

“So you think I’m sexy?”

Jane smirked, “I would be blind if I didn’t.”

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Meghan Quinn

Author Bio:

When I was in high school I occasionally read books but was consumed by other teenage things so I didn't take the time to appreciate a good book on a cloudy day, wrapped up in a blanket on the couch, besides The Notebook I made time to read the heartbreaking novel. It wasn't until I received a Kindle for Christmas one year that my world completely flipped upside down. When looking for books I came across the Contemporary Romance genre and was sold and I haven't turned back since. You can either find my head buried in my Kindle, listening to inspiring heart ripping music or typing away on the computer twisting and turning the lives of my characters while driving my readers crazy with anticipation. I am currently residing in beautiful Colorado Springs where the sun is always shining and there is a trail waiting to be hiked on every corner. I share a lovely and warm home with the love of my life and my five, four-legged children.

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