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All proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated towards Fifty Shades of Pink
Avon Breast Cancer Team- Santa Barbara, CA.

FIFTY SHADES OF PINK team is made up of a group of girlfriends who raise funds annually to participate in the Avon 2 Day Breast Cancer Walk in Santa Barbara, CA.

For one weekend in September, we wake up before the crack of dawn and dress in as much Pink as humanly possible and prepare to walk for 39.9 miles.

We suffer and laugh through:

  • Blisters that are almost covering your entire foot and body parts you never realize you could get a blister on (ButtCrackGate 2013)
  • Passing out in the triage medical unit
  • Sleeping in a tent on the grass
  • Taking the best mobile showers EVER
  • Limping like old ladies
  • Cursing at the curbs to get onto the sidewalk (Walk 39 miles and you will be cursing at them too).

We do this all in the hopes that no other Mother, Sister, Aunt or Friend will have to deal with Breast Cancer.

If you would like to make a direct donation, you can visit our page at:

Avon Walk- 50 Shades of Pink Donations

To get more information on our team, you can find us on our facebook page:

50 shades of Pink Facebook

Pink Shades of Words:

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5 thoughts on “Pink Shades of Words

  1. Hi…I love to read many different kinds of books, and love everything you have mentioned….The cowboys, military men, vampires, dom….Yes the harder they fall for there lady love the harder I love them too… I too leave honest reviews and never ever disrespect an authors work..It upsets me when I read things like that…
    I love this “Pink Shades of Words”…I will go about to make a donation.
    I donations to several during the year…I give clothing and books to the Cancer foundation and Seizure Foundation.

    1. Hello!!!! So glad you like the blog. I am thrilled you and share the same feelings about books. The Pink Shades of Words is a project near and dear to Pink Glory’s heart but also all of ours as well. I will get the information about the book as soon as it is available. Thank you for commenting and please feel free to share any postings from the blog. If you haven’t please subscribe to the website so you don’t miss any updates!

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