The Danish Girl by David Ebershoff 4**** Review

The Danish Girl

Loosely inspired by a true story, this tender portrait of marriage asks: What do you do when the person you love has to change? It starts with a question, a simple favor asked by a wife of her husband while both are painting in their studio, setting off a transformation neither can anticipate. Uniting fact and fiction into an original romantic vision, The Danish Girl eloquently portrays the unique intimacy that defines every marriage and the remarkable story of Lili Elbe, a pioneer in transgender history, and the woman torn between loyalty to her marriage and her own ambitions and desires. The Danish Girl’s lush prose and generous emotional insight make it, after the last page is turned, a deeply moving first novel about one of the most passionate and unusual love stories of the 20th century.

Review by Jasmine

I really enjoyed this story and thought it was touching, sad, and an honest look into the first male to undergo gender reassignment surgery.  This story was extremely thought provoking, Einar Wegner is a young man battling his feelings that he was always meant to be a woman, he has a wife who loves him dearly and supports him every step of the way because although it breaks her heart to lose her husband, she realizes that Einar has always been a woman and so she works to help him achieve this by searching and finding a reputable doctor to perform the operation.  Einar does eventually have the operation and as expected, there are several obstacles to endure afterwards.  When Einar truly becomes Lili, we are then shown the ways in which this choice affects everyone around him.


Rating Scale 4 stars

Hotness: 0

Storyline: 5

Money Well Spent: 5

Alpha Male Scale: 3 there were a few handsome men in the story

Would you recommend the book to your girlfriends?  Thoughts?

Yes, definitely because it is a story that can be helpful to others dealing with struggles about who they are and it can show them that they are not alone in dealing with these kinds of problems.  


Amazon book link:  http://amzn.to/1qGIFxi


About the Author

Davauthorid Ebershoff is the author of four books, including The Danish Girl and the #1 bestseller The 19th Wife. The Danish Girl has been adapted as a major motion picture starring Academy Award-winner Eddie Redmayne and directed by Academy Award-winning director of The King’s Speech, Tom Hooper. The 19th Wife was made into a television movie that has aired around the globe. Ebershoff’s books have been translated into twenty languages to critical acclaim and twice Out Magazine has named him to its annual Out 100 list of influential LGBT people. David teaches in the graduate writing program of Columbia University. Originally from Pasadena, California, he now lives in New York City.


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