Torn From You by Nashoda Rose

Torn From You

Love is like an avalanche. It hits hard, fast and without mercy. At least it did for me when Sculpt, the lead singer of the rock band Tear Asunder knocked me off my feet. Literally, because he’s also a fighter, illegally of course, and he taught me how to fight. He also taught me how to love and I fell hard for him. I mean the guy could do sweet, when he wasn't doing bossy, and I like sweet. Then it all shattered. Kidnapped. Starved. Beaten. I was alone and fighting to survive. When I heard Sculpt's voice, I thought he was there to save me. I was wrong.

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“I love you, Emily. You don’t get to take that away from me.  Ever.  No one does.”-Sculpt

I was in the mood for a dark read, you know the kind, the one that gets your heart pumping and fills you with anxiety because you do not know what to expect. The kind of book that feels wrong to love but you can’t help it. It’s like when you see an accident and you just can’t divert your eyes. Torn From You is dark but not as dark as I thought it would be. Even though I was looking for darker, I still loved this book.

A quick note to all of you that decide to read it. There is a short Novella that can be read first and it shows how Sculpt and Emily meet. It does not have to be read first, but I feel it ultimately will enhance Torn From You. It has a huge cliffhanger. Thank God Torn From You releases December 20th so that you can read the rest of the story right away. The story captured me from the first page; the intensity of the story is rough and some of the subject matter is not for all people. If you can’t handle human slavery, this is not the book for you. I will say that if you can get past that part of the book you will indeed love it. I had a feeling as to where it was going, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I was right.

Sculpt was very mysterious to me and not at all who I thought he was. He is an underground MMA fighter and up and coming rock star. I am a sucker for those types of men in books. I love that he is an intensely alpha male with a dominant nature. When Sculpt lets that side of himself show, oh ladies look out because he is a panty scorcher. He loves hard and I love the way he talks. You are going to hate him and you are going to hate that you love him. (At least for a little while).

Seeing you in my shirt is sweet. And I want sweet tonight.-Sculpt

Emily is a sweet girl with a lot of self-esteem issues. She has had a rough life but has made the best of it and found family with her friends. I love how the author writes her with a strength but naivety that makes you fall in love with her. Emily goes after Sculpt because she wants him to teach her to fight so she can protect herself. Emily and I both have it bad for Sculpt; he makes our lady bits tingle. She feels that Sculpt has no interest in her and she is not his type. That could not be further from the truth. Their relationship is one of sweetness and starts so beautifully. Then it all turns black and scary and heart pounding. Wait until you see how this author is able to take you from the darkness to the light. I was so impressed with the way it flowed and how Nashoda Rose shows you what lengths you might have to go to survive. It can sometimes be harsh and wrong but for all the right reasons.

There are many other supporting characters in the book that I connected with, and I look forward to reading about them. I can’t wait for those books to be available. I will be first in line for them. I love this trend that seems to be in many stories indie authors write. There is always a story within the story and it keeps me happy because I know that the characters from the original book will be integrated in the new story and I love being able to still have them with me.

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Nashoda Rose

Author Bio:

Nashoda Rose lives in Toronto with her assortment of pets. She writes contemporary (NA) romance with a splash of darkness, or maybe it’s a tidal wave. Her novel “Torn from You” is the first in the Tear Asunder series. When she isn’t writing, she can be found sitting in a field reading with her dog at her side while her horses graze nearby. She loves interacting with her readers on Facebook and chatting about her addiction—books.

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